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Best Toothbrush Holder

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Best toothbrush holder 2020

Toothbrush holders are important bathroom-accessories that help to keep toothbrush heads in an upright position. This is important because they prevent your toothbrush heads from coming into contact with each other or touching unclean surfaces, thus keeping them clean and hygienic. There’s no need for us to stress how important that is in the aftermath of the recent COVID-19 crisis! Additionally, the holder helps to keep your bathroom clean and most of them add a touch of flair with their elegant design. The best ones even encourage your kids to brush their teeth. So, if you want to stay organized and safe from infection, you need a superior quality toothbrush holder.

How to Choose the Best Toothbrush Holder

When choosing a toothbrush holder, there are specific features that you need to take into consideration. For instance, the right holder should have a simple design that allows for easy storage of different kinds of toothbrushes without their heads having to touch each other. This helps to keep most forms of contamination at bay. Moreover, it should have an elegant design that makes it an appealing accessory for your bathroom and should should be made of top-quality materials that allow for easy cleaning and a long life. These are just some of the factors we considered when compiling our list of the top 10 toothbrush holders.

A Look at Reviews

With new brands appearing all of the time, finding the right toothbrush holder is not always as easy as you may think. However, this is task can be simplified by looking at the product reviews and ratings on online eCommerce sites like Amazon. Here, customers get an opportunity to rate and review a product based on their experience with the item. Such information can be of great help if you are searching for a top-quality product that matches your needs. The following are 10 best toothbrush holders according to the 2020 reviews:

Top Pick. Gia Bath, Toothbrush Stand, from InterDesign

This is an excellent product that has an elegant stylish design. The holder features a glossy ceramic-base which has a stainless-steel half-cover and a very simple holder that has large openings. It can therefore fit different types or sizes of toothbrushes and, in fact is  able to comfortably accommodate four toothbrushes at a go. As an additional benefit, the over-sized slots allows it to hold larger brushes. The device will definitely keep your brushes upright and clean and looks great in any contemporary bathroom.

InterDesign Gia Toothbrush Holder Stand for Bathroom Vanity Countertops - White/Brushed
  • Keep toothbrushes organized and clean
  • Durable, functional and stylish design
  • Modern and sleek
  • Great for small spaces
  • 2.75" x 2.75" x 4.75"

2. The Eva Bath, Clear Toothbrush Stand, from InterDesign

This is a very simple toothbrush holder that is made using acrylic and PET plastic, which keeps it from breaking should it falls accidentally. Although it is typically made from plastic, the product feels well-built, with an intense design and a proper finish. Its open design includes a small water-holder located at its base as well as 4 separate slots for holding the toothbrushes. It is an elegant holder that is extremely easy to clean as well as maintain.

iDesign Eva Plastic Large Electric Toothbrush Holder Stand for Bathroom, Vanity Countertops in Master, Guest, and Kids' Bathrooms, 3.75" x 3.75" x 5.75" - Clear
  • TOOTHBRUSH STAND: Freestanding toothbrush holder perfect for vanity countertops in master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, kids' bathrooms, basement bathrooms, or college dorm rooms. Can hold standard and electric toothbrushes
  • STYLISH: Clear finish is attractive and matches any decor
  • RUST-RESISTANT: Made of durable, rust-resistant acrylic plastic for years of quality use
  • FUNCTIONAL: Features 4 slots for multiple toothbrushes
  • COMPACT SIZE: Toothbrush holder measures 3.75" x 3.75" x 5.75", perfect for small spaces

3. The Rosemont Holder by NU-Steel

If you have minimal storage space in your bathroom, this will be the best bathroom holder for you. Instead of using a cup-like holder, this unit is designed to accommodate up to 4 brushes, which are normally placed in a straight line. This makes it slim and space-saving, hence can be kept on sinks or shelves. Because of its design, this holder cannot accommodate water at the base, a feature that some buyers like.

4. The Med+ Organizer Toothbrush Holder

This is a budget friendly toothbrush holder which has a glass attached where you can place your toothpaste. It is typically made-from the clear and durable polycarbonate and is able to hold four large toothbrushes at once. Its compact form factor enables it to fit in most of the medicine cabinets. Due to the clear material that it is made of, it is quite easy to determine when the holder needs cleaning. It is also ideal for storing the dental hygiene necessities.

5. The Touch-Molded Toothbrush Holder, from Umbra

If you need holder with a practical and a simple design, this touch-molded holder will suit you best. It has two thin cups and one large one and can be used for storing toothbrushes as well as a large toothpaste. These pieces are constructed from durable and easy-to-clean molded plastic. The product is made from molded plastic and has a soft finish. Moreover, you will have the privilege of choosing the color of your holder, whether blue, black and red.

6. The OXO Good-Grips Toothbrush Holder

This is an interesting toothbrush holder model that has a large slot for keeping your toothpaste tube and two small slots for keeping your toothbrushes. Its brushed stainless-steel construction with 2 removable sections, turn it into one large glass. Its lid makes it allows for easier portability when traveling. The holder can accommodate toothbrushes of different sizes, which are normally kept in a steady upright position.

7. InterDesign’s Twigz Bath Toothbrush-Holder

If you love elegance and contemporary designs, then this is the holder for you. The product features a ceramic holder that has 2 slots where you can keep the toothbrushes and one large one for toothpaste. The ceramic holder is surrounded by an outer metallic frame, which is brown in color. It is the best pick for anyone who wants to have a unique bathroom with a vintage look.

8. The York Toothbrush Stand, InterDesign

This is an extremely popular toothbrush holder that features a very simple design. It has a white-base and chromed-body that can accommodate 4 large toothbrushes. The holder’s chromed elements are made of very durable steel. Although it has a fancy look, the product is still quite budget friendly. Its clean design with the elegant contrast of white and chrome finishes helps in complementing its traditional shape.

9. The Good-Grips Toothbrush Organizer, from OXO

This is another special product that is ideal for people who love traveling. The holder features one large slot for keeping your toothpaste and two smaller ones for holding the brushes. Its design includes one large lead, which closes for easier carrying with the toothbrushes and the toothpaste on the inside. The brushed stainless-steel body guarantees a rigid and very durable construction.

10. The Forma Toothbrush Holder, from InterDesign

This is the best toothbrush holder according to the 2016 reviews. It is a simple yet great-looking holder with a sturdy body. The item features a convenient double-wall construction, made from brushed stainless steel. It has removable interior separator fins which allow for easier cleaning. Moreover, once these fins are removed, the holder can function your jar. It is also quite budget-friendly.

Conclusion: There are so many people who keep their toothbrushes in cups, glasses or simply leave them besides their sinks when in hurry. Rather than doing this, you can use a toothbrush-holder to keep your toothbrush without any fear of contamination. Moreover, the product keeps your bathroom organized while adding some elegance to it. However, with so many holders currently on the market, the above toothbrush holder reviews can help you pick the best item based on your own preferences.


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