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Best Domestic Trash Compactors for 2021

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best domestic trash compactor 2020

Trash compactors are special types of bins that use ram force in order to reduce trash volume by 75-80%. This reduces the number of trips you may need to make to the curb, which in turn reduces the amount of space used in landfills. It also reduces the need for plastic trash bags. Using a trash compactor will make your kitchen to look appealing, with a good smell, thanks to the built-in air fresheners. Note that the compactors are quite easy to use and can conveniently fit under your counter.

How to Choose a Trash Compactor

When purchasing a trash compactor, you need to consider certain key aspects. For instance, you need a powerful and high-performance unit with greater compacting force. This will help to ensure that your trash is thoroughly pounded and crushed. Consider a versatile compactor that can be places in different spaces without any problem. Moreover, it has to be energy-saving and easy to operate with an odor control mechanism to control bad smells. The best compactor always has a child-safety lock mechanism to keep your children safe. It should also allow for easier and quiet operation.

A Look at Reviews

With so many trash compactors on the market, finding the best may not be that easy. However, you may realize that most good quality trash compactors are also either bestsellers or top rated products on most of the online sites, including Amazon. Here customers have a chance to review these products based on personal experiences. Those with the highest number of positive reviews are often among the best products. Basing on such information, you can easily select the best compactor depending on your needs or preferences. Below are the top-ten best trash compactors based on the 2016-reviews.

10. Krushr K012 Trash Compactor

This is a versatile compactor, which gives you numerous options if you want to find a place for it. You can use it as a standalone unit, place it under the counter or simply integrate it to your furniture. The product uses the energy efficient press, which applies a lot of force to compact the trash. It features the one-touch button mode of operation and has a child-safety lock. It also features removable legs, which extend up to 34.69-inches.

9. Broan 15-XEWT Programmable Trash Compactor, from Broan-NuTone

This is a reliable compactor which has an excellent design with many other useful features. The product can accommodate thirty pounds of waste. It boasts of a 6:1 compaction ratio, thanks to its powerful press. Moreover, the product has an interesting odor control mechanism, which keeps bad smells at bay. The unit can easily be integrated under the counter so as to save on space. It also features a wood-frontal finish.

8. The GE GCG-1500-RBB Profile 15-Inch Black Built-In Fully-Integrated Trash Compactor

This is a powerful trash compactor model that comes with the extremely powerful 1/3 HP motor, which can apply approximately 2300-pounds of force. This unit features a black enclosure that has a convenient handle placed on the front door as well as a removable internal drawer. The product features an anti-jam system, with electronic temperature controls that keep it from overheating.

7. The GE GCG-1580-RSS Profile 15-Inch Stainless Steel Built-In Fully-Integrated Trash Compactor

This is another very powerful trash compactor which offers a lot of force that helps to reduce the trash volume without exerting a lot of effort. Applying more than 2300-pounds of force, using its 1/3 HP motor, this model can compact trash better than many other models. Its advanced anti-jam system prevents the unpleasant situations which could otherwise get messy. The design also included a removable drawer. Ideally, you can easily integrate this model into your furniture or place it under any counter.

6. Krushr K024 Panel-Required Compactor


Krushr K024 is a compact model that is both short and wide. The unit is specially designed to function as part of furniture, where it is integrated under counters or as a stand-alone floor-mounted unit. The product features a powerful energy-efficient motor. Moreover, it requires custom-fit bags, which help to keep its interior clean and extremely easy to empty. The unit also features a child-lock safety mechanism and a can crusher.

5. Broan 15-XESS Programmable Trash Compactor, from Broan-NuTone

This ultra-modern automatic compactor boasts of an excellent storage capacity and can accommodate up to thirty pounds of waste. With the help of its powerful motor, this unit can attain a compaction ratio of approximately 6:1, depending on the trash type. The compactor has a very advanced odor control system, with the ball-bearing gliding system, which makes it quite easy to empty. Its programmable compaction cycle allows for automatic operation.

4. The Gladiator GACP-15-XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor

This high-performance trash compactor has all the benefits you would like to find in any heavy-duty compactor. It is a compact unit that takes up minimal space. With the rugged styling and casters for easier mobility, the unit reduces the volume of trash, which helps you to cut down on the trash bags as well as reduce your trips to the curb. The compactor has a portable, user-friendly design and it is strong enough to reduce the garbage by 75%.

3. The Broan 15-XEBL Programmable Trash Compactor

This is another very powerful and advanced compactor that is specially designed to make your work easier. The unit has a powerful horsepower motor, which provides a 6:1 compaction ratio with a crushing force of 3000lbs. This takes care of all the bottles, food waste, cans and other types of waste. The unit has a 1.55 cubit fit capacity and is able to slide out on the full-extension ball-bearing glides which provide easy access. Its advanced odor-management system ensures that your kitchen is free from any bad smells. Moreover, the console has a programmable timer, as well as a memory back-up, which helps to retain your preferences.

2. Krushr K018 Compactor

This is another very advanced trash compactor model that is specially built to offer you a safer solution. It can either be integrated into your furniture or work as a stand-alone floor mount. Its energy-efficient motor, together with the enormous crushing force can compact your trash at great ratios. Moreover it is designed with a child-safety lock mechanism, while the legs can easily be extended or removed. You can use the custom-fit bags to keep its interior clean.

1. Electrolux EI-15TC65-HS IQ-Touch 15-Inch Stainless Steel Convertible Trash Compactor

This is the best trash compactor as per 2016 reviews. It is a powerful unit that uses the � electric motor, which can achieve very impressive compaction ratios. It normally comes with an inbuilt odor control system, which helps to keep bad smells under check. Moreover, the unit features a gliding basket, which makes it easier for you to empty the compactor. It also has an innovative sound-insulation system, which allows for quiet cleanup.

With so many trash compactor models currently on the market, finding the right one may need more than mere observation. You need a powerful and convenient compactor that is safe and easy to use. The unit should be versatile, allowing you to place it on or under different types of surfaces. If you need a superior quality compactor, the above trash compactor reviews can assist you find the best.


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