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Best Adjustable Dumbbells

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Besides eating healthy, maintaining psychological bliss and having an active lifestyle, one of the best ways to keep healthy and have a longer life is by exercising regularly. It helps in stimulating the body’s metabolism, encouraging the growth of muscles as well as maintaining proper bodily functions. To have the best workout experience with long lasting results, you need flexible, effective and convenient fitness equipment. That is where adjustable dumbbells come in. They are versatile, budget friendly and space-saving workout units that allow you to perform different exercises by adjusting weights in small increments.

How to Choose the Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Before you decide to purchase an adjustable dumbbell, there are various things you must consider. Some of the most critical aspects include the quality, weight, size, the easy of adjustment, storage and the price. You need a good quality unit that will guarantee you a safe and reliable workout experience. Always consider the maximum weight of the dumbbell. You need a unit that will give you room to steadily progress up to your optimum fitness levels. It should be easy to adjust the weights so as to customize your workout. Go for a cost effective package that can fit in limited space after disassembling the units.

A Look at the Reviews

In most cases, top quality adjustable dumbbells are also the top rated and bestselling items on sites like Amazon. Users on these sites are allowed to rate and review the products based on their own experiences while using the products. You will realize that most of the high quality dumbbells are also the ones with the most positive reviews and high ratings. You can base on this to purchase a unit that will meet your needs. Below are the top ten adjustable dumbbells in 2016 reviews.

Power-Block Personal Trainer Adjustable 2.5-50 Pounds per Dumbbell Set

This outstanding fitness unit normally comes with 2.5 to 50-pounds dumbbell sets, which are made of top quality stainless steel. The sets are solid, quite durable and normally allow the user to make calculated increments. This helps in ensuring that you have a flexible yet effective workout experience. This PowerBlock personal trainer is easy to use, easy to store and has well-padded handles, which offer superior wrist protection when exercising. Moreover, the unit comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

Weider Speed-Weight Adjustable Dumbbell

This is an adjustable 5 to 25-pound weight adjustable dumbbell, which is ideal for regular exercising. The unit supports a wide range of workout routines, which eliminates any need for several dumbbells. For instance, you can use it to carryout fat-burning exercises like hammer curls and shoulder presses. This dumbbell set features comfortable grips, which reduce slipping and injuries. Moreover, it normally comes with storage trays for easier storage.

The Starring 65, 105 & 200 Lbs. Adjustable Dumbbells

If you want to have a fulfilling workout right from your own home, these adjustable dumbbells from Ring-star will be the best for you. They are budget friendly, stylish and made of chrome-plated cast iron. It is a tough unit that can withstand a lot of shock without malfunctioning. They can be adjusted in five-pound increments, which allows you to customize your workouts based on your needs. They are extremely easy to mount or dismount without any need for special tools. Moreover, they normally come with very durable trays, which ensure optimal safety when working out indoors.

Pro-Iron Adjustable Dumbbells

Pro iron is a set of two 52.5 pound dumbbells, which have a total weight of 150 pounds. Their durable plates are made of top quality cast iron, with a glossy enamel finish, which looks great. These dumbbells normally adjust in in 2.5 pound increments. They are quite easy to use and are the best equipment for both heavy and light lifting as well as strength training exercises. As a safety measure, the design includes secure fit collars, which keep the plates from slipping when fitted. The sturdy non-slip handles help to protect your hands and wrists from injuries.

The Universal PowerPak-445 Adjustable Dumbbells, with Stand

This set of ergonomically designed dumbbells can adjust between 4-45 pounds. Each dumbbell can adjust in 5-pound increments and it is made from durable cast iron. They are among the safest and most reliable dumbbells. This cost effective unit is space-saving and has non-slip, thermoplastic rubber handles, which help to cushion your hands quite well. Moreover, the functional stoppers help to keep the plates from slipping when fitted. The package normally comes with a detailed workout guide to help you when exercising.

The Unipack Adjustable Dumbbells Kits

This is another outstanding workout accessory that can be used by novices as well as professionals. The pair has a total weight capacity of two hundred pounds (one hundred per dumbbell). Each dumbbell contains a set of two 25-pound plates, two 5-pound plates, eight 10-pound plates as well as two collars weighing five pounds each. The cast iron plates normally fit in five increments, allowing you to do high impact, customized workouts. The dumbbells have extremely durable chrome-plated handles. Moreover, they are compact and quite easy to store. Ideally, they have been optimized for different exercises.

The Yes-4-All Adjustable Dumbbells

If you have a home gym and are looking for functional adjustable dumbbells, with an overall weight capacity of up to 105 pounds, this is the unit for you. They are stylish dumbbells that are made of top quality cast iron. The design also include gym-quality chrome-textured handles and thread collars, which keep the plates from slipping. The plates are specially designed to avoid rattling and wiggling during workout. The entire package includes four 1.25-pound plates, four 2.5-pound plates and fifteen 5-pound plates. They are budget friendly dumbbells that can adjust in five-pound increments, an aspect that enables you to carryout custom workouts.

The CAP-Barbell 40Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set

If you want to do light exercises or different body sculpting routines, this dumbbell will be the best accessory to use. Each of the dumbbells has a very comfortable handle with an ergonomic grip, a rubber trim collar and 3 plate sets (two collars, two 5-pound plates and two 2.5-pound plates). The unit has rust-free components that do not require any maintenance. They fit securely when assembled and are made of long-lasting, semi-gloss-finished cast iron. Moreover, the package normally comes with a storage rack.

The Bowflex SelectTech-552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Based on the 2016 reviews, SelectTech-552 from Bowflex are the best adjustable dumbbells. It is an innovative pair of dumbbells, which combines fifteen sets of weights into a single unit using a special dial system. This durable, flexible and space-saving unit allows you to adjust its weight from 5 up to 52.5 pounds with a simple turn of a dial. It allows for 2.5-pound increments up to 25pounds, an aspect that allows you to increase your strength gradually without bulking up. The dumbbells are fitted with ergonomic comfort handles, which will not irritate your hands. The package is quite affordable and normally comes with a comprehensive workout DVD. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty.


Adjustable dumbbells are very important workout accessories that can help you to work out and attain your dream fitness levels right from your home. They are cost effective, convenient and customizable units that you can use depending on your fitness needs. However, before purchasing a dumbbell set, always ensure that the unit is functional, safe, cost effective and easy to adjust as well as store. The above adjustable dumbbell reviews can help you to find the best unit to meet your needs.


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