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The Lowdown on laser Engraving


Laser Engraving has evolved dramatically over the previous decade or so. When I started working in this business, if you needed to have a laser at your manufacturing facility or shop it’s important to have THREE THINGS: Highly Trained Personnel, Patience and very DEEP pockets.

In the previous 10-years or so, computing power, solid-state lasers and deployment of advanced software has helped to drop the prices considerably, the required skillset to own and operate a system is also quite low and improved reliability means that system maintenance has become significantly simplified.

So, let’s get to the meat of this Article.


1. First and Foremost, ensure you have the correct Wavelength!

The Wavelength of the laser is critical to laser etching.


For example, Let’s say your major business is custom firearms. Most people begin with a simple CO2 laser having a Wavelength of 10,600nM. These are low-value, low-barrier techniques meant for engraving and marking organic materials. Wood, Paper, Glass and Stone to name a few. A CO2 laser is a GREAT selection for engraving and marking the Wood Butt Stocks and Polymer Grips of guns, but isn’t going to do a lot in the way in which of engraving the steel parts of the firearm.


In order to successfully mark and engrave with any depth in metals, we need to change the wavelength. Here, the appropriate wavelength for MOST common metals is about 1uM. Why do I say about? Simply put, there’s a number of variations  for the 1uM laser,

How to Get Rid of Back Fat


The way I’m about to share with you consists of 3 steps that I personally followed to lose 65 pounds in under 4 months.  I never went hungry. I never stepped foot inside a gym!

Again, these 3 steps were not just a “how to get rid of a fat back” solution, but they literally melted all my excess body fat like a blowtorch. The steps focus on one thing and one thing only… metabolism!

These steps harness the power of “calorie shifting,” perhaps the most successful dietary science in existence. This science uses food, and not a lack of food, to fuel your metabolism in a way that turns your own body into a fat-burning furnace! It is with pleasure and excitement that I share the steps with you now…How To Get Rid Of Back Fat – 3 Steps To Get Rid Of A Fat Back:

Eat healthy, eat often! You will create a diet menu that spans 11 days into the future. In this menu will be listed delicious meals containing healthy, natural foods such as lean meats, fresh fruits & vegetables, and whole grains, among others. You will be eating FOUR meals a day! For the first 10 days, your metabolism will be burning white hot. By day 11, however, it will begin to plateau, which is why you’ll move to step two…

Eat whatever, whenever! That’s right, take a break from your diet! For three full days, be sinfully indulgent. This is important because you need …