What On Earth is a French Press?

A French Coffee Press, also called a plunge pot, is often a common coffee brewer in lots of European houses, considering they are excellent alternatives to the single or 2 cup automatic drip coffee machines. However, these coffee brewers are not just a simple technical appliance, they can be pretty much a sort of art.

The regular French Press includes a straight-sided pot, which is created from borosilicate glass for being long lasting as well as heat-resistant as well as a filter-plunger that pushes through the water when the coffee has steeped and also serves as the lid. Towards the bottom of the plunger is an item connected which serves as a filter. Since this filtration system has bigger holes than a filter from the typical drip machines, it is suggested to choose coffee of a coarser grind simply because finer grounds may leak through the filter straight into the coffee.

Brewing coffee with a French Pot is an easy process. Simply fill the required quantity of ground coffee into your glass carafe and add on pre-boiled hot water. Mix this content and place the loosened plunger at the top, just underneath the water line. This will aid retaining the temperature. Give it time to steep for only a few moments and push the plunger together with the filter straight down.

Depending upon the quantity of servings prepared, it is a good idea to fill the coffee into an insulated serving pot. You don’t wish the coffee to remain in contact with the grinds considering it continues brewing and definitely will ruin your coffee and furthermore you might choose to keep it warm. A French Press Pot seriously is not adequately insulated and your coffee cools down promptly.

The coffee made by using a French Press is often stronger in comparison to what you use to be familiar with from an automatic drip machine and will also retain the oil from the coffee beans which usually is left behind in models using a paper filtering. You also need to know that you can see some kind of coffee sediment inside your mug of French Press Coffee.

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