The Secrets Of Effective Dog Training

Having a dog that is friendly, loyal, patient and obedient is the dream of every person who ever made that commitment of bringing home a cuddly canine, writes Paul Jones from Elite Doggy & Style. Unfortunately, most dogs do not come with a handbook that details the secrets to dog training; yet most pet owners still expect their dogs to understand the rules of the house without knowing how to communicate those rules properly.

The first major hurdle for most new dog owners is potty training. After an exasperating week or so, the pet owner will then go to the Internet looking for answers on dog training. The problem is that every website tells you they know the secrets to dog training yet they will often give you conflicting advice.

It is not that they intend to steer you in the wrong direction, it is just that most experienced dog trainers have their own way of getting results.  During their many years of learning their craft, they have taken a lot for granted and unconsciously omit steps when passing on information to new dog owners.

Take potty training for example, there are many techniques that will work effectively within a short period to get the desired results but some are more effective than others for your particular dog. Learning the secrets of dog training from someone who has not only worked with animals but also is great at working with humans will be to your advantage.

There are steps in the process of potty training your dog that some trainers would gloss over because they have been doing them for many years. An experienced dog trainer who is also a great teacher will break the process into small action steps to help you understand what you should do and what your puppy should do as well.

Another tough but familiar issue is dog aggression. Many owners may lay the blame on the breed of dog and give up in frustration after following the techniques recommended by well-meaning dog trainers. There are certain reasons that must be identified when dealing with dog aggression before acting on a solution.

Experts who understand the secrets to dog training do not simply throw out a few tricks to deal with this problem but instead show the owner how to first uncover the reasons for the aggression. They help to lay a foundation for a solid stable relationship between the owner and their dog from the beginning.

After that, they address any problems that may be occurring. Once the foundation is built on trust and authority, all the other pieces fall into place once you are able to identify the key issues for your particular pet.

Trainers who understand the secrets to dog training will take it a step further and actually teach you the reasons why you need to see from the vantage point by your dog. Expert trainers will teach you how to structure your relationship with your dog to obtain the best results from training.  Learning the secrets to dog training will be fun and rewarding for you and your dog.

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