The Rise In Popularity of Mens Kilts

Is it possible that a kilt can become a modern fashion for men? Over fifty designers, currently promoting this fashion trend, want to have their way and make the kilt the hottest “new” male fashion item to hit the runways in many decades.

To create a new fashion out of something as ancient as the kilt takes a lot of media attention and a lot of innovation as well. Fashion trends that dip back in time to find styles that are lost or forgotten, only work when the bring them into a contemporary setting.

Originally kilts were worn by the clans of Scotland and their plaid colors signified their loyalty to a certain clan or tribe. In modern times the street gangs have followed the macho tradition of having certain colors. The mere appearance of the wrong color bandana at an event in the inner cities would cause a massive gang fight. The classic rivalry of the old school gangs of the Bloods versus the Crips in Los Angeles comes to mind.

The Scottish kilt served the same function in history writes Iain MacGregor of Gibbs menswear, a leading mens kilt hire business in Aberdeenshire, Scotland..

In the heat of battle in the middle ages there was unbelievable confusion. Most of the combat was decided by hand-to-hand fighting. The need to identify who was on the side you were fighting for was critical. Otherwise you could not get help if you needed it, or you would attack the wrong person – one that was fighting with you – so that is why the kilt was so valuable.

Armor was sometimes worn on the upper body which was indistinguishable one from the other. Kilts just like flags identified the different sides in a battle. Also the freedom of movement when wearing a kilt allowed the fighters to be more agile in the heat of battle. The kilt then has an illustrious history. It was never worn for lounging around the house. It was worn by the most masculine men of their time as battle wear or for ceremonial affairs.

The recent shows in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles reinforced the masculinity of wearing a kilt. The male models came down the runway in full macho bravado. Then ripped off their shirts to reveal chiseled torsos. Nothing weak about this fashion style at all.

In a way, men wearing kilts is an expression of fashion freedom. Women have long enjoyed the ability to wear female-adapted versions of men’s attire, so why should men not be given a chance to wear skirt-like apparel, especiallyh when it is perceived as being an expression of masculinity (not copying the females)? We applaud that.

High profile comedian Michael Meyers wore a kilt for the ceremonies when speaking at the American Film Institute Award program honoring Sean Connery with a lifetime achievement award. He commented that “Many people ask him if anything is worn under the kilt.” His answer was “Noting is worn out, everything is working perfectly fine thank you!” So let it be. Kilts rule! Or as a Scotsman would say, “They roooole!” All men rise up and capture a piece of attire that is normally associated with females (a skirt) and make it your macho right to wear it! In this way, we expand the men’s fashion horizon with a claim to what is historically rightfully ours.

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