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Jobs for Retirees – A New Start in Life No Matter What Your Age

Most of us start dreaming about retiring round about when we hit 40. We dream about an easy retired life not far off, relaxing on a beach somewhere, buying presents for our grandchildren on their birthdays, and so on. There’s just one small problem. Once retirement actually comes around, even if we do have plenty of money put away, we can often think longingly about all the great times we had being productive in life. That’s why jobs for retirees are not a new thing nor have they ever been. Lets take a closer look with the help of John Sargeant of ana Recruitment, a specialist recruitment company based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The great thing about working after you retire is that you no longer have to work just to stay alive. No one’s going to starve if you stop working so that makes it quite pleasurable to just work for the joy of it. It’s work of a kind that you probably never got to experience your whole life.

So what jobs for retirees are the best kind? What kind of ideas really work?

With most retirees, the former employer gets first dibs. Actually, it’s just that you want to work for your old employer because you know that line of work and you know your way around that office. You know the business. There isn’t a learning curve. But it isn’t unknown to see old bosses asking retired employees if they would like to come back for a few …