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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”1109″][vc_column_text]Old School New Body™ by Steve Holman, is a comprehensive workout program using The Focus 4 Exercise Protocol or, just “F4X” for short. F4X is developed with highly specific approach to exercise in a unique combination of movements, designed with the unique 90 minutes per week protocol. This workout guide is customized for men and women in their 40s, 50s, 60s with reduced metabolism rate.

F4X is a revolutionary weight loss and fitness program for adults who are looking to lose weight and stay young. The program is created to help individuals who don’t have the time to spends hours of working out, and it is customized for busy dads and stay-at-home moms. The focus on the program is on adulst, especially those who are 40 and over. The F4X system is not complicated nor does it include difficult workouts. All you need is 90 minutes per week to tone and strengthen your body with no additional cardio.

This program is suitable for people who don’t like to do heavy workouts or find it difficult to commit to difficult weight loss activities. This easy to follow program doens’t require user to make large compromises on their physical strength, which allow them to keep up with their current lifestyle and still lose weight.

Meet The Author

Steve Holman, the Editor-in-Chief of the popular fitness magazines: Iron Man Magazine; fitness trainer, and author of Old School New Body™. The author share their little-known-approaches to keep themselves healthy and looks young.

What Is Covered Inside The Program?

What is Inside The Program:

F4X Protocol has included 3 crucial Phases:

Phase 1: F4X Lean – This initial phase focuses on slight variations in movement style of exercise and nutrition balancing, with the goal to tone muscle and burn excessive fat.

Phase 2: F4X Shape – In this 2nd stage of the program, the focus will on progressive customization of lifting style and nutrition plan, after one has already have the foundation of F4X Protocol. The goal of this phase is to accelerate the body fat burning as well as adding more lean muscle.

Phase 3: F4X Build – In this final stage of F4X protocol, Steve will focus on some important techniques to build a body shape, and what are the common mistakes to avoid during the workout. There would be minor tweaks of an individual lifts and diet compared to the previous 2 phases.

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Special Package and Bonuses (worth $397):

  1. F4X Quick Start Workout Guide (valued $27)
  2. Ultimate Fat Burning Guide (valued $47)
  3. Ultimate Muscle Building Guide (valued $37)
  4. Ultimate Sex and Attraction Booster Guide (valued $17)
  5. Ultimate Health & Happiness Guide (valued $47)
  6. 5 Experts Audio Interviews by John Rowley (valued $47)
  7. The Truth about Fat Burning Food (Exclusive Bonus – $67)
  8. 40 Fat Burning Secrets Never Told by Your Nutritionist (Exclusive Bonus – $47)

Motivational And Instructional Audio Interviews with Experts (worth $175):

  1. Interview #1: Tom Venuto; Fat Loss Expert, Author and Entrepreneur
  2. Interview #2: Kristi Frank ; The Apprentice of Kristi Frank, Star of Season #1 of NBC’s ‘The Apprentice’
  3. Interview #3: Bill Phillips; author of #1 New York Times Best Seller, Body-for-LIFE.
  4. Interview #4: Jennifer Nicole Lee;  Author, Fitness Expert, Lifestyle Consultant, FITNESS MODEL™
  5. Interview #5: Shawn Phillips, expert and author in Fitness Industry

By using a unique combination of workout sequences, Old School New Body™ serves to help user to achieve the goal of losing weight and youthful, without spending loads of money on anti-aging treatments. This program is highly recommended with 9 out of 10 rating.

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Latest Update: June 2018 (Official Release)

Author: Steve Holman

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