Are You Paying Too much For Web Hosting?

It’s only fair to share…

Many small business sites only need basic hosting plans and too often they are paying ridiculous rates. I am writing this due to the sheer fact that as a business owner you know you need a web presence. But, the concept of having a website in the first place is to bring you more business, to get your name out there, to help you market your services/products…It is not to pay ridiculous prices just for hosting.

Perfect example:

I recently met an owner of a non profit that was paying $95 per month for their website hosting. Now they had a basic wordpress website that really required little to no changes on a continual basis. There is no online ordering or any other special features.  For a site like this you should not be paying $95 a month or anywhere close to that.

Shockingly, he is paying over $1,000.00 per year for hosting!!!  When I told him the bad news that he was paying four or five times what he really should be paying he was not all to happy.  Needless to say he switched hosting plans to us at the end of his contract.

Unfortunately, this is not rare, and their are many hard working business owners that are paying too much to Web Design and Hosting companies.  This results from the owners either being inexperienced with the internet or just too busy to do their own due diligence about the costs.

Typically if you are paying too much there are added cost for things such as:

Space Needed For Website – Typically you need a very very small amount of space for your website. Unless you do graphics or something massive you will not use much space at all for a full blown website.

Fancy Features – Do you really need a shopping cart? Do you need multiple IP addresses (do you even know what they are)?

Sign Contract – Contracts are rarely the bargin they are made out to be. My opinion is you should be able to move web hosting as much as you’d like and when you like.

Things to remember:

·       Research your needs and have hard limits in mind.

·       Don’t sign up for too long.

·       Don’t buy features unless you’re sure you need them.

·       Be aware of up-selling.

·       Survey a range of hosts.

So How Much?

Isn’t that the real question? “How much should I be paying for web hosting?”

The answer is going to vary to some extent based on what exactly you need and what you REALLY Need. But, a typical price would be about $100 PER YEAR…Not Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or anything like that.

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